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As specialists in audiovisual technologies, Auvilux offers personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Whether you want to create an immersive atmosphere in your conference room, enhance your retail space with innovative lighting systems, or improve internal communication with audiovisual solutions, Auvilux has the expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

Our team of experts will implement the latest technological advances to provide you with a unique and engaging audiovisual experience. From the initial concept through installation and maintenance, Auvilux accompanies you throughout the entire process to ensure your satisfaction.

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By choosing Auvilux, you benefit from a personalized approach, exceptional service quality, and a long-term partnership. Contact us now to learn more about our custom solutions.

Digital Signage

Whether it’s dynamic displays, screens for your spaces, or large-format projection, we have the solutions to meet the visual communication needs of businesses. Whether for information, presentations, or other digital content, we offer a wide range of modern display solutions with excellent image quality and advanced features.

Sound system

Perhaps the most crucial aspect to captivate attention, clear and high-quality sound during meetings, conferences, or corporate events should not be underestimated. We offer speaker systems tailored to each space, combined with optimal mounting techniques to ensure uniform sound distribution in all areas, thus providing a pleasant auditory experience for all participants.

Video conferencing

We offer advanced video conferencing solutions. With suitable equipment and software, businesses can host high-quality virtual meetings, facilitate communication and collaboration remotely, thus optimizing productivity. From all-in-one solutions to advanced integration, we will find the best-suited system for you.

Wireless solutions

Thanks to wireless presentation solutions, businesses can share and stream content without the need for cables. Users can project their presentations, videos, or multimedia files from their mobile devices or computers, offering great flexibility and a simplified user experience. Some of our solutions also enable wireless video conferencing.

Interactive solutions

Interactive screens enable dynamic collaboration and presentations during meetings and training sessions. Equipped with intuitive touch features, these screens allow users to control and annotate their presentations, making audience engagement and interaction among participants easier.

Custom furniture

To enable seamless integration of our various solutions, we also offer custom furniture manufactured in our workshops. From cabinets to aesthetically integrate technology to high-quality conference tables, we transform your ideas into reality.

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